I open a window in the sky,
there are the sun and the moon.

Crying stone petals
without knowing that I can see them
without touching the beauty of human beings
lost in their own mirror
alone in the immensity of their universe.

People full of medication and doctors
who breathe the smoke of gasoline and refined sugar
to suck happiness and yellow LEDs
to destroy any path to freedom,
forgetting the meaning of green leaves and red drops.

Everything is breaking into a infinite cascade
where the third is looking to be unique
where the second fights to achieve success
where the first has forgotten what is right.

And I,
man, little almond tree, black eagle, white dolphin,
walking hills, donating crops, overflying fires,
diving oceans,...


Only sand and passion
only a Spanish guy
only words, hearth and breath
only 30, 3, 12
only one part of our mutual field.

My divine jail wants to lead my way,
my steps run faster and faster
to meet you
hungry of light
dried of smile
deaf of resilience
dump of confidence
blind of arrogance
dead of patience
to see the answer of all my questions

inside your blue eyes.
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PREGUNTAS - Federico García Lorca


UN PLENO de cigarras tiene el campo.

- ¿Qué dices, Marco Aurelio,
de estas viejas filósofas del llano?
¡Pobre es tu pensamiento!

Corre el agua del río mansamente.
- ¡Oh Sócrates! ¿Qué ves
en el agua que va a la amarga muerte?
¡Pobre y triste es tu fe!

Se deshojan las rosas en el lodo.
-¡Oh dulce Juan de Dios!
¿Qué ves en estos pétalos gloriosos?
¡Chico es tu corazón!

Translation into English:

A plenum of cicadas sits in a field.
What do you say, Marcus Aurelius,
of these old philosophers of the plain?
Well, your thought is poor.

The river water runs gentle.
Oh Socrates! What do you see
in the water that goes to sharp death?
Your faith is poor and sad.

The rose leaves fall in the mud.
Oh sweet John of God!
What do you see in these glorious petals?
Your heart is a tiny one!


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